AIAS231®, Boost identity is a portfolio stir up set. SAMARA white family birth, a generation and ancestors’ identity.

SAMARA is Whites Great Grandfather’s and Grandmother’s tree.

SAMARA is a white family throughout all the ages: Past, Present, Future.

 Distinct white family, generation, ancestry, descendancy, seed, and hereditary.

The white name, rights, responsibilities, and ownership.

  • No interracial Roots = Only white family, a product of only traditional marriage.

  • No interracial Roots = No interracial Birth .

  • No interracial Roots = No interracial marriage.

  • Traditional marriage = monogamy, biological, legal and institution registered.

  • Straight sexual orientation(heterosexuality).

  • Sexual attraction and behavior between the opposite sex is an enduring sense of existence.


SAMARA Birth Name Identity is family of whites resulted from traditional marriage between male and female (opposite sex). The sons and daughters have a genetic, and gestational connection to father & mother at birth.

ABDELHAMID is the samara white male grandson. Born on Saturday, November 15th, 1969.

IBRAHIM is my father’s name, ABDELHAMID is my grandfather’s name, IBRAHIM is My great father’s name and ABDULLAH is the great father Name of IBRAHIM.

SAMARA is my family name, my surname, my seed, my distinct name.

For all Intents and Purposes AIAS231®, is My Name: ABDELHAMID IBRAHIM ABDELHAMID SAMARA .

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