Founders Index

The founder’s index is the second identity responsible intelligence (IRI) theme within the identity power eBook series.


The IRI defines ideality and reality to make it easy to lead, manage competence, and practice the potential and purpose of identity. In addition, it has a local and global legitimacy which features the founders, differentiates them from others, and ensures that success comes into effect.

The generation scope legacy impact is the birth of the founder’s white name brand Aias33[231]. This index is officially called Aias in public under the notation trademark 231.It is first proposed by Abdelhamid, the Samara family white grandson:

Aias [231] ®:

Abdelhamid(59) Ibrahim(60) Abdelhamid(59) Samara(53)

The Founder Index indispensable five bases are:

1- Generosity and Rewards.
2- Appreciation and Gratefulness.
3- Supersede and Prominence.
4- Success and Respect.
5- Keeper and Protector.


founders index

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