Generations Scope Is the Samara White Family Constitution.

by | Jan 27, 2022

Generations Scope


The generations scope is the Samara white family constitution fundamental principles. Its original meaning has not changed over time. All-important it is straight to the point, and explicitly states the followings:

The Samara White Family is a respected independent soul forever, will Always have white leadership & management and beliefs to think local & act global.

Gender identity [Cisgender: white man OR white woman matches the sex they were assigned to at birth]. Sexual orientation [Straight: attracted to the different gender = white male attracts and love white female].

The sex chromosomes of white humans are X and Y, and they determine the biological sex, reproductive organs, and sexual characteristics. White Male X Y chromosomes and While Female XX chromosomes. It is only two distinct genders and assigned at birth [Gender binary: masculine and feminine, boy/man and girl/woman].

Traditional marriage between a straight white male and a straight white female is the only path to form a one ideal, real and prosper family [Nuclear family]. Marriage is monogamous [having qualities traditionally associated with masculine and feminine].

All married couples are heterosexual and have children genetically related to the same parents. Both marriage and birth are registered through legal institutions.

Affinity establishes rights and obligations between couples, as well as between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws. It is kinship by marriage, matrimony relationship, family, and biological children Birth.

The Samara white family believes marriage relationship, which leads to birth relationship is the only path to blood ties relationships.

The kinship system maintains unity, harmony, and cooperation among relationships. Samara Descent and lineage work together.

The Samara white family does not support abortion. In addition, it does not support sterilization [deprive of the ability to reproduce and have children through medical surgery = permanent inability].

The Samara white family recommend, and support breastfeed, since it benefits both the mother and the biological child [providing breast milk]. In addition, recommends immunization and vaccination for children from birth through 6 years old [Parents health and safety obligation].

The Samara white family believes in the sanctity of life. Samara also supports planned pregnancies right [right to contraception and planned parenthood for traditional married individuals = birth control = humanity & dignity = health& safety = family planning = legal].

The Samara white family believes that work is worship. Work and education are human rights, respect, and dignity. 

The Samara white family believes that maternity and parental benefits are rights.

The Samara Family believes that freedom ends where harm to others starts.

The Samara Family supports law & order in daily life.

The Samara White Family regards and supports a self-governing state: [patriotism, self-rule sovereignty, democracy, and mutual respect] = purpose and values = function and operate =clear words and actions = Communicate and engage.

The Samara family members are united, carry rights and responsibilities derived from ancestors, and keep a strong hold on the fundamentals, through both patrimony and matrimony.

These fundamentals are what constitutes being a member of the samara family and instilled by ancestors and carried forth by generations. It represents the principles that we have long regarded as governing our conduct and rooted in the way samara members were raised and will not change forever. It is Samara white family birth rights and responsibilities.

Great- Great Grandfather [204]: = Think [62] Act [24] Global [49] Local [43] Data [26] [204] = 

  1. White (65) Name (33) [98] Identity [106].
  2. White [65] Marriage [72] Soul [67] = Ideal [31] Real [36] [67] White [65] Marriage [72].
  3. Iam [23] Life (32) [55] Embryo (78) Fetus (71) [149] = Samara [53] Human being [94] Birth [57] = White [65] Infant [64] Race (27) Sex (48) [75]
  4. Perfect [73] White (65) Family (66) [131] = Permanent [106] Independence [98].
  5. Samara [53] Birth (57) Name (33) [90] Value [61].
  6. White [65] Ideal [31] Real [36] Name [33] Brand (39].

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