The Samara White Family Is Always Not from Canada.

by | Jan 27, 2022

Aias231 Identity& Data Branding Founder

Samara white family ancestry, and generations are not originally from Canada. Canada is not allowed forever to gain any advantage or get any benefit from the Samara respected family name through all the times and ages.

I am Abdelhamid, the Samara white family grandson who is following the constitution principles of my white ancestor’s high-quality standards. 

Iam Abdelhamid The Grandson of samara Family, I will not give CANADA the right to have the Birth Identity from my respected and valuable family name forever. It means I have no plan to extend my family from Canada Christianity church, it’s institution and courts.

This is a known fact. It is actual regardless of being a citizen of Canada. Immigrated to Canada based on merit, followed a legal process, and paid immigration [Directly applied and paid from my name to the government of Canada]. I simply paid for my education and my immigration.

Samara family ancestry does not exist in Canada by birth and Samara future generation will not exist in Canada by birth. Specifically, Samara does not exist, did not exist, and will not exist in Canada ten provinces and three territories of federated state.

Therefore, this is equivalent to Samara ancestry and generation had no birth, no plan to have a birth and no plan to extend from:

Prime Ministers of Canada, Canada government officials, Canada governor general, other holding institutions appointees in all government hierarchies, politics, policy makers, police, military, intelligence, religious and Canada non-governmental business: private, public, sport and other sectors.

This implies all Canada, and all its prime ministers cannot create and not allowed to claim any direct or indirect link to samara ancestry and generation. 

Samara family is white and will be white from patrimony and matrimony descent lineage forever.  In other words, originated roots are not white Canada.

For this high purpose, Canada not allowed to use my name for generation and ancestry daily life policies, that support, source, provide or relate to the following:

  1. Orphans, not known, not determined children from sex affairs, and its associated questioned matters including its disputed childhood.
  2. Abortion: termination of pregnancy.
  3. Child adoption, fostering, and custody. Fertilization to conceive a child by adoption, and donation.
  4. Interracial: relating to different races.
  5. Same-gender relations, homosexuality, gender affirming surgery, sexual reassignment. genital Mutilation, and transgender orientation.
  6. Charity, aging, reparation, lifetime and retirement age benefits.
  7. Land occupation, illegal settlement, housing, and shelter.
  8.  Sterilization: permanent deprivation to produce and have children.
  9. Charity, mental, and disability care.
  10. Addiction [Alcohol and Drugs] rehab care.
  11. Granted Pardons: waivers for imprisonment, and conviction cases even if the sentencing record is removed.
  12. Inheritance: property, titles, debts, entitlements, owned, privileges, rights, and obligations.

Straight to the point, no nuclear family policies can be linked to my respected name, no birthrights and no inheritance coming by right of birth.

This includes exactly: Canada, bilateral and trilateral local and global relations. 

Therefore, Canada is prevented to claim any benefits, or gains directly or indirectly from my family name. This is equivalent primarily but not exclusively to political, economic, and military agreements or understandings.

As a result, in the event of any misconduct and noncompliance, a severe worldwide legal penalty will be imposed on both Canada public and private sectors.

Indeed, the declared statement is clear, specific, local, and global with zero ambiguity. Surely, the penalty will be strictly applied and boldly executed. 

I have no plan and no aim to explore or pursue a career in Canada politics. Iam not working as I did not work toward meeting that on short or long-term goal.

Frankly, I did not make such, a commitment, prerequisite, condition, promise, agreement or even understanding to work in Canada politics. Nothing before and nothing after. In other words, Iam not interested. 

Samara white family name proprietorship rights, implies that Canada and Canada policy relations, by all its levels on both local, and global are not owner, partner or own part, share, equity or can create and can claim any link to Aias231 Brand, through all the ages.

Finally, all-important, and at all the times Samara family had no Canada descendants, and the birth identity is secured and protected. All of that will not change forever.

The declaration secured and protected by the Integrity and dignity of the dear, high respected and beloved nations: 

  1. United States of America
  2. Kingdom of Spain
  3. Kingdom of Sweden
  4. Republic of Austria
  5. Kingdom of Belgium
  6. Kingdom of Denmark
  7. Republic of Finland
  8. French Republic
  9. Federal Republic of Germany
  10. Hellenic Republic
  11. Republic of Ireland
  12. Italian Republic
  13. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  14. Kingdom of the Netherlands
  15. Portuguese Republic
  16. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  17. Kingdom of Norway
  18. Republic of Iceland
  19. Swiss Confederation

The Birth Identity declared statements are decisive, definitive, final and with authority.

Iam Abdelhamid the owner of Aias231®, identity and ownership [absolute and exclusive rights]. I certify Aias231 data facts are true. I reserve all legal rights in the event of any noncompliance.

Abdelhamid I Samara

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