The Identity power designates the Samara white ancestry legitimacy.


Identity power defines Samara white family ideality and reality brand.


Keeps & strengthen the knowledge Level of Identity power impact

Aias231 Identity and Data Branding Group.

Aias231 is the final intelligent product of knowledge proficiency stemming from more than 20 years in business, and technology consulting. 

Iam the chief data officer and act as the commander-in-chief of Aias231, communicate recognition, deliberate the optimum and influence the transformation of data driven marketing for stellar decision making. 

Aias231, the expert built for dignity and created with integrity. 

Its functions and features are expanding the decision maker perspective, experiencing a genuine sense of belonging, and rooted for partners, systems, and products, to succeed.

The identity power through the birth name is very definite and has long been regarded, as a self-evident truth.

The name and identity are intricately linked, so the keen sense of identity and the incorporated timeless core values are affirmative, reliable, and enduring foundations that cannot be disrupted.


Aias231, is a creative prowess, its features, and benefits are a selection of pre-built pages that focus on personal identity, where each page is an identity responsible intelligence (IRI) theme.


The IRI is stable, it creates a system of identifiers and mapping rules that identify with clarity the keystone for understanding a specific subject matter, prompt and describe what’s vital, make things, applicable, and possible. 

The IRI is active, an effective guidance that contains roles which hold meaning, expectation and emphasizes authenticity and truthfulness. In addition, it is significant, dynamic, advances Aias231 with clear purpose and made up of differentiated originality, and relativity attributes that assure clarity, consistent positioning, leverage and mutual compatibility.

Moreover, its crafts ingenuity, compelling perspective and tells stories about numbers, strengthens, and shows the definitions of them through clear explanations. This helps connect words, deliberate the optimum, assure continuity and distinctiveness.

Aias231, is solely responsible for the ability to function and form compelling narratives where simple is not equal to easy, complex is not equal to difficult, and proactive is not equal reactive. To put it another way construct is not equal to instruct, rules are not equal constraints and knowledge is shared and generated from data when it is viewed in the context in which it was coined in.

Aias231, the champion is building forward by taking the lead on identity and data branding. It is the first to market and its impact is being consistent in staying ahead of the curve in structuring identity projects. Besides that, it creates confidence in its reliability for a strong future prospect, sets trends, rather than track them. and works as a chief marketing officer for an intelligent brand called ‘ME’. 

In fact, Aias231, the multiplier, it’s first to market and established a global reputation for excellence, data is an asset, and branding is a competitive currency. Therefore, the multiplier is a differentiator factor in amplifying the after-effects, specifically created value is not equal to extracted value and once you have the data, it is all about features. 

Furthermore, Aias231, the mastermind,  rooted for efficient use, it illuminates and makes it clear that truth rises in light, so that to produce actionable and trusted insights, it is important to make sure to have accurate data and privilege, through the right source, and role [Zero-Sum]. This is granted by ‘IAM’ access rights.

Aias231, promotes the fact that, Identity is innate not acquired, born with identity means born with values and ability to shape and form a smart choice for better decisions. 

In summary, winning hearts and minds, emphasizes understanding, and persuasion to build and achieve positive and lasting impact.Aias231,the sword and shield of facts, the alliance recurring reminder that from small seeds a sky-high idea can grow.


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About the president.

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Abdelhamid is the sole CEO, initiator, founder, owner, and actual president for Aias231 since 2019.

Iam the Founder & CEO of Kalmar & Partners, global management consulting and leadership advisory [2007-2023]. I have successfully connected business and technology through the development of the SSP + I 365 model, improved efficiency by 70% and increased engagement by 75%.

Leadership is both art and science: challenge is constructive and results in better outcomes: Excellence is an endeavor practice where accuracy, precision & intuition assures the whole is always more than the sum of the parts.

Responsible Leadership: Has the resolve and fortitude to Lead change with impact, formulating concepts that need to pivot frequently, and grant the organization a sense of purpose. Evaluating the extent of a suitable response and making smart and tough decisions.

Purpose driven Leadership: Has the courage and stamina to lead and drive real change, with greater and sustainable impact. Leadership of decisiveness, taking ownership, and sensemaking that capitalize on strength and scale the business.

I hold a joint Master of science in business administration/ Leadership in international context, from Kalmar Baltic Business School (Samland, Sweden) & Brest Brittany Business School (Finisterre, France) [2009].

I graduated with a bachelor’s in computer engineering from AlAhliyya Amman University [1996].

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