Identity through name. Build forward better by taking the lead in data branding.

Features and benefits are designed to work as a chief marketing officer for a brand called ‘ME’.

a selection of pre-built pages focusing on personal identity.

Orchestrated based on intrinsic self-sovereign identity (SSI) and its impact VET promoted as permanent global digital identity for  dominant partnership projects .


A s data as a brand, the multiplier effect,at all times, the name is always having and carry significance.

Identity is uniqueness and continuity. The name signifies the meanings, reputation, ownership and worth. It tells and makes the stories behind numbers in a new appealing way, assigns meaning to words based on their numerical values and on connection between words of equal values.

Be yourself, more attainability and feasibility.

Identity formation is dynamic, complex and contains both attributes of similarity and distinction. The child is the seed from whom man arises, being egotistic does not demonstrate being not empathic, it is more about propositions, fidelity, positivity, and compatibility.

Originality and Relativity Simplify Complexity.

Small Data is unique, original, tractable, and fruitful, grandiose ideas can grow from small data. It is a gold mine, makes things not only possible but also feasible, acceptable, and suitable.

Value actualization reflects understanding, and awareness that value is inherently exists and internally accumulated. Value and worth are subjective, value create is not equal value extract, and money legalization is not equal money mint.

Smart data is a brand, Trend is set to continue.

Data is an asset; Analytics is a competitive currency.

Data has the power to form compelling narratives where simple is not equally easy, and complex is not equally difficult. Construct is not equal to instruct, and knowledge is shared and generated from data when it is viewed in context.

Aias231®, As data as a brand, the multiplier effect meets the legitimized needs and interests. Maximum leverage, and enduring impact.

Authority of Data and features are grouped by Diamond and Balance.

Boosted, eyed , and advanced by the power of verified facts.

It is where the intrinsic are a positive plus for, the extrinsic .

Representation,of identity by establishing VET, a visual, extension, textual pillars.  

The Impact of VET is real, and trustworthy digital Identity, It’s where perspectives and requirements are revolved in anew standards. 

Universe one single verification reflects on the actual state of identity and access rights.

VET well-defined and designed with clear structure can adopt and enhance existing E-Passport, E-Verify and E-Instant issuance.

Digital proofing, accelerate with confidence, fix the things, and comply with certainty.

VET Digital is VET-BYYES. Real, authority, and whitelisting.

It is simply as it is.


Aias231® power source rooted for products and systems to win, and for efficient use of the product idea and methods, it is important to own the right data through the right source and to have the roles and rules for access rights to it. Once you have the data, it’s all about features.

Strategic partnership. The square Deal.

Abdelhamid Ibrahim Abdelhamid Samara.
Abdelhamid Ibrahim Abdelhamid Samara.Founder, President, and CEO.
Challenges are feasible opportunities when viewed from various perspectives.
CEOs Do first the best thing and COOs Do the things first better, both up to par, compel, drive value realization, broaden the scope, and constantly able to improve.

Business and technology advisory.

leads Kalmar & Partner Advisory Group, vision, and strategy since founded on 2007. AIAS231 Data Branding has been The Owner for the Group Since 2019.
Developed an outstanding ability to understand business requirements and architect systems that effectively implemented and consistent with corporate mission.

Engineering & Business Education.

Graduated with a bachelor’s in computer engineering, holds joint Master of Science in Business Administration from Kalmar Baltic (Smaland, Sweden), and Brest Brittany (Finistere, France).